Custom Shirts

Mens tailored shirts are best complimented when wearing a made to measure suit, ensuring an equal and perfect fit on every aspect of the outfit. With such a well crafted and tailored shirt and suit combination, you will have the perfect outfit for job interviews, meetings and events where you are required to wear ‘smart’ attire.

It’s important when looking for a new job or during an assessment for promotion that you look the part, and a well tailored shirt will do that – make first impressions count with a crisp, fitted shirt.

Mens tailored shirts are the ideal selection for any gentleman’s wardrobe regardless. A shirt can be worn both casually and formally making a made to measure shirt the ideal selection. A correctly fitted shirt can make any man stand out from the crowd.

With the countless customisable options for a tailored shirt, it’s for you to decide how your shirt looks. From the choice of coloured buttons to a Mao or wide collared neck, you can have your shirt tailored for a wedding or international meeting.

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